Peter Gould, Educator

Yes, I'm a teacher. I teach meditation at Brandeis University, Spanish at the School for International Training, and writing wherever I can.

I teach Shakespeare. Incredibly super camps and productions of Shakespeare. I don't do it alone. I have help!

What I love most now: coming to schools and telling about my life journey and about spiraling down deeper into creative, and artistic expression.

That's where the story and characters of Write Naked came from. My job when I come to a school is to get students so stirred up that they run right out, read ten books, write one of their own, encourage all their friends to write, draw, paint, dance, act, and sing, smash their TV and take it to the recycling center. And stop shopping immediately.


Kudos from Educators & Students

“Peter is a model of a teacher for all people, in either our state or anywhere else.” --Patrick Leahy, United States Senate

"Most of my students had never heard of Peter or his book, but after with Peter, the buzz in the ninth grade was all about this cool guy who wrote an intriguing story. Peter quickly created a sense of community among his audience by involving them in physical theatrics, inviting them to cold read excerpts and speaking from the heart...Peter's enthusiasm was contagious. The next day students came into the library hoping to buy or borrow the book...Don't hesitate. Don't wait. Read Write Naked. Invite Peter Gould to your school." --Vicky Palmer, Librarian, U32

"Peter brought my students along on a personal journey from organic farmer to itinerant dramatist to novelist to teacher...along the way, Peter taught an array of concrete and widely applicable lessons in effective storytelling, making these tangible and memorable by involving everyone in a fun and well-received physical comedy routine." --Matthew Dickstein, English Dept. Chair, Hazen High School

"...possibly the best author visit I've ever had. He was funny, energetic, and definitely, not boring." --Liza, Hazen High School